Stay on the Pulse of Innovation: Tune in to the latest news, updates, and breakthroughs from Webhorse Technologies as we redefine IT solutions in the Canadian Arctic.

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Cybersecurity Facebook Group to Foster Digital Well-Being in Arctic Communities

Discover Webhorse Technologies' Cyber Security Hub on Facebook. Dive into security threats, best practices, and solutions for all skill levels.

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Webhorse Technologies and Honeywell: Securing the Future of Arctic Digital Health

Discover how Webhorse Technologies and Honeywell are strengthening physical security and IT consulting to ensure safety and security in Arctic digital health initiatives.

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Citrix and Webhorse Technologies: Enabling Remote Work in the Arctic Like Never Before

Discover how Webhorse Technologies and Citrix are revolutionizing digital workspaces, enhancing digital transformation and cloud management in the Arctic region.

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Xerox and Webhorse Technologies: Simplifying Document Management in the North

Explore the partnership between Webhorse Technologies and Xerox, elevating document management solutions to enhance data management and digital transformation.

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Introducing Webhorse Technologies' New Website

Explore the redesigned Webhorse Technologies website - an intuitive and user-friendly platform showcasing our advanced IT services in the Arctic region.

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Webhorse Technologies Brings Cybersecurity Awareness Training to Inuvik

Stay tuned as our acclaimed Cybersecurity Awareness Training comes to Inuvik, empowering residents with essential skills to safeguard against cyber threats.

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Webhorse Technologies Forges a New Partnership with Microsoft

Discover how our recent partnership with Microsoft enhances our IT solutions portfolio, allowing us to deliver state-of-the-art technologies to Arctic communities.

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Veeam and Webhorse Technologies: A Secure Partnership for Data Management in the North

Discover the synergy between Webhorse Technologies and Veeam, strengthening data security and management services in the Arctic, ensuring robust digital health solutions.

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SonicWall and Webhorse Technologies: Fortifying Arctic Cybersecurity Together

Discover the partnership between Webhorse Technologies and SonicWall, fortifying cybersecurity and network management for enhanced protection in the Arctic.

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