Empowering the Arctic with IT Solutions

Dive into the future with Webhorse Technologies. We supercharge public and private sectors in the Canadian Arctic with our secure, reliable, and cost-effective IT solutions.

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"At Webhorse, we're more than just IT providers. We're innovators, bridging the Arctic's digital divide and catalyzing transformative growth."

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Unlock your Potential with our Comprehensive IT Solutions

  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Remote & On-Site Support
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Escape Break & Fix

At Webhorse Technologies, we understand that each organization has unique technological needs. That's why we offer a suite of comprehensive IT services designed to enhance your operations and security. From implementing cloud-based technologies to deploying advanced IT hardware, we leverage cutting-edge solutions to propel your business forward. Experience the synergy of robust cybersecurity controls, cost-effective automation, and efficient remote management. Partner with Webhorse Technologies and unlock worry-free IT today.

IT Consultation and Strategy

Navigate your IT landscape with confidence. Our strategic planning, risk management, and consultation services align technology with your vision.

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Cloud and Infrastructure Services

Scale new heights with our advanced cloud and infrastructure services. From cloud setup to data centre management, we offer seamless network solutions.

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Cybersecurity & Physical Security Services

Secure your operations from all angles. We provide robust cybersecurity controls, threat prevention, and physical security measures to safeguard your organization.

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IT Support, Maintenance & Asset Management

Streamline your IT operations with our comprehensive support, maintenance, and asset management services. We're your partner for a reliable, efficient IT environment.

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Managed IT Services

Simplify your IT operations with our managed services. From end-to-end IT management to automation, we handle the tech so you can focus on your mission.

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Data Management & Storage

Safeguard your data with our robust management and storage solutions. We offer secure, reliable data services that protect and optimize your information assets.

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Software & Hardware Deployment

Power your operations with the right tools. We offer software and hardware deployment services that align with your needs, ensuring optimal performance.

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Digital Transformation & Innovation

Embrace the future with our digital transformation and innovation services. We help you adapt and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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Training & Development

Equip your team with the skills for success. Our training programs empower your staff with essential IT knowledge and best practices.

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Transforming IT Solutions in the Canadian Western Arctic

We empower our clients with cutting-edge technology, robust cybersecurity, and reliable, cost-effective solutions. Our remote, automated services are tailored to your needs - delivering unparalleled value and driving your success.

Cutting-Edge Technology

By leveraging the latest in cloud-based and IT hardware technology, we offer state-of-the-art services.

High Security

We ensure robust cybersecurity controls as per standards set by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.


Our services are dependable and built to deliver consistent results, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide efficient, cost-saving IT solutions, ensuring compliance with government funding guidelines.

Remote & Automated Services

Our services can be operated remotely and are highly automated, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing productivity.

Tailored to Your Needs

We design and implement all-in-one technology solutions tailored specifically to your organization's requirements, ensuring the best fit for your business.

Discover what's new at Webhorse Technologies!

From advancements in our cloud-based technologies to improvements in our IT hardware, we continuously enhance our service offerings to deliver only the best to our clients. Learn about how our cutting-edge solutions are transforming operations in the Canadian Arctic.