Posted by Inuvik Web Services on July 12, 2023, 3:30 p.m.

Explore our alliance with Brother, supplying reliable office equipment for Arctic operations.

At Webhorse Technologies, we take pride in our strong alliances with industry partners who share our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient IT solutions. One such partnership that we are excited to highlight is our collaboration with Brother, a leading provider of office equipment for Arctic operations.

With our comprehensive IT expertise and Brother's cutting-edge office equipment, we offer our clients in the public and private sectors a complete solution for their IT needs. Our remote and highly automated services, coupled with cloud-based technologies and advanced IT hardware, ensure that our clients have secure, reliable, and efficient IT systems in place.

Brother's office equipment is renowned for its durability and performance, making it the perfect fit for the challenging Arctic environment. Whether it's printers, scanners, or multifunction devices, Brother's products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operations for our clients.

By partnering with Brother, we can provide our clients with state-of-the-art office equipment that seamlessly integrates with our IT solutions. This integration allows for streamlined operations, increased productivity, and enhanced efficiency, ultimately leading to cost savings for our clients.

Furthermore, our partnership with Brother enables us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the office equipment industry. We work closely with Brother's team to stay updated on the latest innovations, ensuring that our clients always have access to the most advanced and reliable office equipment solutions.

In addition to supplying top-quality office equipment, Brother shares our commitment to cybersecurity. We understand the importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity controls, especially in the Arctic region where the threat landscape can be challenging. With the support of Brother's cybersecurity expertise, we can implement the necessary measures to protect our clients' IT systems from cyber threats.

At Webhorse Technologies, we are proud to have Brother as our industry partner. Together, we are able to provide comprehensive IT solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients operating in the Canadian Arctic. Whether it's IT consulting, cloud and infrastructure services, cybersecurity, or software and hardware deployment, our partnership with Brother ensures that we deliver the highest quality solutions and equipment to our clients.